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February 20, 2006

Day Two of Bloggery

... whistle ... *looks around* ...


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hey seelight, you gotta be patient with this blogging stuff . . . and if you see nothing going on, you gotta make it go on! isn't that something you learned (if you didn't already know) from barbara's class?

and hey, do you know sam chang? i don't know if she remembers me (but she might, since we were neighbors), but you might want to try and look her up if you've got something you're trying to promote. let me know.

what else is next for you, old college pal?


hey! where'd my comment go??


dennis, i fixed the comments, but i might fix 'em back if i get too much spam. i don't think i took a class from any "barbara", if, indeed, there is such a person. who is sam chang?

oh, no, you *should* control the comments. i think that's smarter. but onto your questions . . .

barbara anderson? you never took a class from her back in old too-stoned? why did i think you did? and that's just too-bad. she was a rocker.

sam chang. is now the director of the iowa writers' workshop. she's had a couple few novels that were very well recieved. but like i said, while *i* think she should remember me, *she* may not . . .

hey! this is fun!


oooohhh ... lan samantha chang. yeah, no, i'm not on a first name basis with her, ya know. also, no i never took a class with barbara anderson. don't even know who she was. i only got lucky and got into a class with a faculty member twice. the rest were grad students.

i managed to do my undergrad at a program that was great for grad students and my grad at a program that's great for undergrads. whatcha gonna do?

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