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October 11, 2006


I just recently added the "TV" category to my blog because, with this whole iTunes thing happening, for the first time in forever I've been able to keep up with TV shows as they happen.

I don't own a TV. I did own one for several years, but didn't have cable, so I could only get in two channels well. Also, for years I had a job that required me to work evenings, so I never could get into the habit of being at home at a certain time on a certain day. DVDs took away the urgency to do this anyway.

But now, with the leetle TV serial drama revolution that's happening, and with the existence of truly great shows (like "Carnivale") being so fragile, I'm inspired to watch them as they happen, in ways that can make my dollars into votes. Also, free sneak peeks on the internet!

It's interesting about paying for TV shows on an individual basis, because it feels expensive, yet these are mostly cable shows that you could only get by paying $40+ a month for cable. By choosing to buy $30-40 seasons of four shows, I'm actually saving money (not to mention the time I would be spending trying to justify having cable by watching more TV). The economics of this are fascinating. I love how enormous-budget industries are finally figuring out how to use the internet to make massive profits by picking up small units from a nearly infinite number of nibbling individuals. New Economy Fascinating! Too bad we don't have enough oil to make the new economy last long enough to turn into something cool.

Anyhoo, here's the haps in my TV-watching world:

1. When is Showtime going to make "Dexter" available for download on iTunes? I'm seriously considering writing them about it.

2. "Battlestar Galactica" Season 3's season pass finally is available on iTunes. Yep, that's $40 that'll keep on giving. Mmmmm ... fat Apollo.

3. "Studio 60" is taking days to get their new episodes up. And what's up with not providing season passes?

4. "Heroes" is better about the timeliness. In fact, I'm already an episode behind.

These are my regular picks for this season. Anything I'm missing that I just have to see? Plus:

5. I'm picking up individual episodes of Morgan Spurlock's "30 Days", as they interest me. This is a tough show, because some of the issues it addresses make for boring television. The episode where the pro-choice advocate went to live in a pro-life home was super-yawn, because both the pro-choice woman and the pro-life couple were smart, active, well-educated in their work, and had not an ounce of room to budge. So nothing happen. They were even too polite to really argue. On the other hand, the illegal immigration piece was fabulous, because the Minutemen guy they sent to live with the undocumented family was so counterintuitive: an immigrant himself, and Cuban, too. Documentary TV, though, folks! Cool!

6. I have dropped "Desperate Housewives" and "Lost." In fact, I was watching them only on DVD so I dropped them both after the first season. With so many good shows on, it takes more than loyalty to keep me watching something that bores or embarasses me. I'm probably dropping "Nip/Tuck" as well. I barely made it through the DVDs of season 3. Shark jumping is a sad thing. I have definitely dropped "24," not merely because it was getting incredibly stupid (it spun the shark when Jack killed his lover's husband) but because it's so obviously a political tool to prepare the public to accept torture. Politically incorrect TV bad!

7. I might pick up "The Nine" on DVD later.

8. Where the hell is my "Deadwood"? Why can't I download HBO shows?

My world is so sad. I think I'll go donate some money to moveon.org in penance.


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Can I get some love for season 3 of The Office?

nope, sorry. not watching it. i loved the brit version, and when i saw that the american version was exactly the same, only not as good, i stopped watching.

Oh come on! Much has been written about the Brit v US version already (as well as the French, and German versions...). The Office is the best series this season along with Heroes and Studio 60.

drop the nine and pick up grey's anatomy instead? battlestar galactica was excellent last night.

argh! i hate grey's anatomy! here's why (scroll down to see the grey's entry). i have to add to these reasons that the lead actress appears to be anorexic in season 2. okay, yes, i watched the first two seasons on dvd. but i didn't like them.

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