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October 29, 2006

Television Update

Okay, so all that stuff about the economics of buying TV shows on iTunes ... pure bullshit.

ABC and NBC are posting full episodes online a day or two after they're aired. The free online episodes usually beat the iTunes paid episodes to the interweb. The free ones have commercials, but not as many as on TV. Basically, it's win-win.

As a result of this, I've started watching "Ugly Betty" (The Devil Wears Prada without the makeover and with a Latina, Queens, and Spanish-language soaps) and "The Nine." I'm probably going to drop "The Nine," though. It's not really that interesting for me. Big deal. So they were holed up in a bank for 52 hours and some things happened. I don't really care what happened, to be honest. Maybe I'll keep watching.

I have room for more hour-long dramas because I'm probably not going to be able to watch "Dexter." I don't have a TV and won't buy one or get cable just for one show. And it doesn't look like Showtime is in any rush to make free episodes available or to sell episodes on iTunes (why not? I dunno). So it'll probably slip off my radar. Which would be a pity.

So that leaves the lineup:

1. BSG, which I would walk through fire to watch, but fortunately don't have to, Showtime execs.
2. Ugly Betty
3. Heroes
4. Studio 60

and maybe

5. The Nine

That enough TV for you?


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we're with you on BSG and UB, but haven't been following heroes, the nine or studio 60. but then, we're also real big fans of the wire, SG1, and SGA.

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