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February 05, 2007

BSG Sux Redux

'Nuff said.


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I know you've been down on this season, but I was wondering what you thought of last night's ep ("Woman King"). Specifically, I was contemplating writing about the ep for Anti-Racist Parent, b/c of the evolving portrayal of Helo. Earlier this season, he went against orders to prevent a Cylon genocide, and in this ep he's shown crusading against ethnocentric, anti-Saggitaron racists. In an argument with Sharon (who was against his plan to prevent the Cylon genocide b/c she had thrown her lot in with humans and was trying to prove her loyalty), he both lashes out that she likes having the Saggitarons around b/c then people forget she's a Cylon, and then says that demands to know if being "the guy married to a Cylon" is his only defining characteristic--he thinks he's been put in charge of the refugees b/c it's punishment for always crossing and being on the wrong side of any line. Ultimately, though, he acts on his convictions and is proven right about a genocidal Caprican doctor. It's interesting, this thing about crossing lines. You know the old stereotyped attitude that says, hey I can't be racist, I'm intermarried or I can't be racist, my kids are _____. But the character arc they're doing with Helo takes that old chestnut of an excuse and turns it on his head. Is he a crusader for what he thinks is right because of his line-crossing relationships? Or is he a line-crosser b/c of this tendency? Just some random, not fully fleshed out thoughts... (But what is up with Hera's miscegenated hair?!)

jeremy, honestly, that whole episode was so one-dimensional that i didn't see any of the nuance you ascribed to it in there.

i kinda feel like bsg was set up with some kickass situations by the terrific writing of the first two seasons, so that now the implications of everything the characters do is complex, even though the writing now sucks.

i thought the last episode was a simple-minded comment, a la star trek, on racism. and the fact that it was helo, with his asian cylon wife and his mixed race/mixed species child who is the hero, was either an accident, or a simple minded making-the-white-guy-the-heroness.

but i'm tired, and cranky, and maybe you're right.

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