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May 17, 2007

"Life is" not "Beautiful"

After peripherally slamming the movie "Life is Beautiful" yesterday, I went looking for its tomatometer and found this review that perfectly expresses why I hated that movie.

The witnesses to the Holocaust--its living victims--inevitably grow fewer every year. The voices that would deny it ever took place remain strident. The newer generations hurry heedlessly into the future. In this climate, turning even a small corner of this century's central horror into feel-good popular entertainment is abhorrent. Sentimentality is a kind of fascism too, robbing us of judgment and moral acuity, and it needs to be resisted. Life Is Beautiful is a good place to start.

Strangely enough, this review is from Time magazine.

I was also glad to see that, although it got 78% fresh on the general tomatometer, the cream of the crop gave it 56%. Did I ever say that I love Rottentomatoes.com?


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