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October 06, 2007

Oh Dear

TV is so crap right now.

"Heroes" and "Ugly Betty" are just as good, but they feel more of the same, somehow. I can't really watch "Dexter" until they make the episodes available, plus I'm worried it's going to sophmore suck. "Grey's Anatomy" always did suck, and now that all our feisty females have been shackled to "where's my man?" plotlines, I have no more addiction. "Private Practice" is just sad.

"The Bionic Woman" has the best intentions in the world, but is suckily written, directed, acted, and produced. The only good thing about it is Starbuck fucking that hot Asian guy. Hott. But the dialogue is painful, the plot gaps are annoying, and the emotional illogic is bewildering ... and then boring.

"Moonlight" I couldn't even be bothered to watch the second episode. Damn, that's bad! "Journeyman" is promising, but no promises. It also has bad dialogue, but it flows.

Where's the stuff that I need to get excited about? Where's the creative new show, or the old show kicking its second season up a notch, and sliding into new territory? Where's the juice? The best new thing I've seen so far, oG help us, is "Gossip Girl."

I'm ready to take back all I said about the golden age of TV serial drama.


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Dexter does not suck. It's the best thing I've seen on TV since the first series of Battlestar Galactica

oh goody! are you talking about the first or second season? cuz i saw the first and loved it.

dude, totally. although i would say i've seen a couple promising episodes of "life," which co-stars the arab american woman who played a latina lesbian in l-word.

but what is up with all the new alpha male/rich bitch shows? i mean, everything is overt misogyny and not-so-veiled racism. are we back in the 80s? is this reaganomics again?

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