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October 28, 2007

TV Rearrangemint

So this is what I'm watching now:

  1. Gossip Girl: Blake Lively is well-named. Love her! All the actors, and characters, are alive, fresh, and energetic ... full of their motivations and plans. When the show loses that freshness, I'll lose interest, but for now, it's really, really fun.

  2. Heroes: was testing my patience, but last week's show, with the nightmare dad and the evil Veronica Mars, kicked me into high gear.

  3. Ugly Betty: stalling, but UB's stall is better than most shows' vroom.

  4. Journeyman: which started out slow, but is building up slowly but surely. They need to resolve the brother-thinks-the-lead-is-on-drugs tension soon, though, or it will get boring.

  5. Chuck: like Gossip Girl, there's a lot to dislike here, but the characters (and actors behind them) are so fresh and energetic right now, and the hero, for once, is neither particularly brilliant, nor skillful, nor able to kick people's butts. He's just a really sweet guy (and very cute and built like a model, without having to work out.) Plus, the dialogue is very snappy, and not in wearing way (yet). It could all go horribly wrong in a second, but for now, it's fun.

I may pick up:

  1. Samantha Who?: which I just started watching this weekend. I like it, but I've already seen 13 going on 30.

  2. Aliens in America: which I just started watching this weekend. I like it, but I don't want to relive high school yet again. I hate high school sucks shows.

  3. Dexter, which I can watch on my laptop from work, if I ever get around to it. Still haven't started season 2.

I have stopped watching/tried and will never go back to:

  1. Pushing Daisies: no interest whatsoever. How boring. No spark.

  2. Grey's Anatomy: drove me away. Yuck. I can't even be coherent about how bad that show is. Okay, here's a hint: my two favorite characters were Addison and Burke.

  3. The new thing with Nate from Six Feet Under. Argh.

  4. That misogynist show with four guys including the love interest from Alias. Arrrggh.

  5. Th' Bionic Numnuts. What a stupid show. I keep trying to make myself go over to the website and catch up--I'm like three episodes behind--but I can't make myself do it. This is really a sitch where, if the show were an undergraduate short story, and we were in a workshop, people would be sitting around with their mouths slightly open, shifting in their seats. Someone would finally say: "I really like what you're trying to do with the family situation--with the sisters and their irresponsible father. That's unusual." Then another uncomfortable silence, which would be broken either by the obnoxious guy whose sole purpose there is to tell people they suck when all the others are too conflict-averse to do so, or, if the workshop didn't have someone like that, the instructor, who would ask: "What do you guys think about her use of symbolism?" and everyone would groan internally, but gamely finish out her 45 minutes with discussions of roundhouse kicks and car accidents.

When is BSG starting up again? Will I have time to watch it with all my other commitments?


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I stopped watching Gossip Girl because of its rather dubious provenance - It seems to boil down to a convoluted attempt to market directly to teens and preteens, brought to you by Alloy, Inc. who are also responsible for the Kaavya Viswanathan/Opal Mehta debacle.

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