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January 16, 2008

Theme for 2008

As my boss said on the work blog I edit:

A wise colleague told me this week that she doesn’t make resolutions, she creates a theme for the year. So here is our theme for the year; GET THE MESSAGE OUT!

Which gave me to think. I've made my goals/resolutions for the year, but what is my theme?

Well, it'll have to be something about enjoyment, about working hard and achieving goals, about realistic expectations but high ambitions, and about building home and family (further). That's complicated. I don't know if I can fit that into a single slogan.

So maybe not a slogan so much as an exhortation: ... be present? Build community? Work hard? Live happily?

No, there's too much going on for me to balance this year (and every year) for me to reduce it to any one single thing. I suppose that at the moment I'm incapable of a simple life. I don't even want a simple life, although I'd like one that doesn't defeat me with its endless, crying minutiae.

So, no theme for 2008, unless it is: Get It Together! But that's the theme of my LIFE.


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