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May 05, 2009

Kathleen Duey Twitter Novel

Oh dude.

Oh dude. I know what's going into my aggregator, like, NOW.

Kathleen Duey -- of the awrsome YA novel Skin Hunger -- is writing a Twitter novel live. You can read it on the blog here, or live on Twitter here as it happens.

Already the text has developed a rhythm that comes across similarly to blank verse: you can tell the rhythm's gonna hold up, and it gives the text a stability most prose doesn't have. It'll be interesting to see what kind of content acrobatics she allows that stability to give her.

This whole thing is so exciting I want to pee. Or do one myself.

Via Gwenda.


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You just made my morning. I *thought* I felt a rhythm emerging, staccato, changeful, but there. It feels sturdy to me, too, but we'll see.

May your writing fly....

thanks, kathleen!

i think, depending on whose hands it's in, the 140 character limit could be a boon or a bane. in your hands, i was strongly reminded of the feeling of derek walcott's OMEROS, in which he used the rhythm of blank verse to convey the lulling and destabilizing rhythm of the waves pounding against island communities or out on the open sea.

this may be a stretch, but i was getting a bit of a train-rail-clack sensation from the rhythm the word limit imposes. an illusory sensation of motion.

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