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September 03, 2009

Embarrassingly Effective Viral Video

Oh my god, this is so awesome it actually made me cry. And I hate weddings. I hate the whole pageantry of it, the symbolism of the white dress and the procession of the wedding party and the minister officiating. The whole thing. If I ever get married (and that's always been a big if) it will be in jeans, by Elvis, in Las Vegas, in front of total strangers. And it will be ritual only, not legalized until everyone can get married.

But this ... this is totally awesome. Why aren't more weddings joyful affairs? When people say "I'll dance at your wedding," why don't they ever mean literally, during the wedding? Why shouldn't the bride and groom dance down the aisle to their song?

I also love that they've made this video a portal to making donations against domestic violence (since it was a Chris Brown song they danced to.) Yes, I am a sentimental soul.


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It made me cry, too - glad I'm not the only one with *that* as a guilty secret. I love the way the bride boogies on down on her own, waving those damned flowers in the air. But Elvis in Vegas will be awesome, too, only can't I come, please?

wendy, you can come as long as you remember that what happens in vegas, stays in vegas. that means you can't ever leave again. it's like hotel california.

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