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December 07, 2009

Bad Daddies and Fighting Alpha Males

Is what Lost is all about.

Jack's Dad was a controlling alcoholic

Kate's real Dad was an abusive fuck and her enabling mother chose him over her.

Hurley's Dad left.

Sun's Dad was a violent mafia leader.

Jin's Dad was weak and poor.

Sayid's Dad pushed him into violence, but really, Sayid's bad Daddy was Saddam Hussein: he was pushed into violence through his stint with the Republican Guard.

John's Dad was the ultimate asshole: a con artist who stole his kidney and then threw him out a window.

Sawyer's Dad killed his Mom and then himself, but really, Sawyer's bad Daddy was the con artist who caused it all.

Ben's Dad beat him.

Miles' Dad (he thought) kicked him and his Mom out when he was a baby, and never reappeared.

Dan's Dad is the ultimate bad guy, whom he never knew.

There are more bad parents in the earlier seasons, even some bad Mommies, but by season five, all we see are bad Daddies. All parents in season five abandon their kids and go back to the Island to reckon with their bad Daddies in some way. And now, we have even more fighting alpha males than in any previous seasons:






The crazy, violent scientist dude from the Dharma Initiative whose name I can't remember

Charles Widmore




and frankly, I'm getting tired of it.


Oh, okay, I just watched the episode where they SPOILER detonated the nukular bomb and killed Jacob. It's the Adam/Eve/Cain/Abel story! Duh! I guess it took me five seasons to get on board with that, plus getting clubbed over the head with it.


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