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January 02, 2010

What To Get Me: Geographical Shot Glasses

This is the first Christmas that my parents haven't tried to buy me either clothing or jewelry. I trained them out of it, and it only took just under 40 years!

But while I'm thinking of this subject: if you are a good enough friend that you feel you need to give me a Christmas, birthday, or traveling present, here's a tip:

I collect "geographical" shot glasses, i.e. shot glasses with place names on them. I have them from several states and American cities. I have one from a Mexican McDonald's (sort of). I have one from the Korean demilitarized zone (thanks, Kristina!) I used to have one from the Panama Canal Zone before my cat broke it. I have some cool ones from Graceland.

I like old-fashioned souvenir styles, or extreme tackiness. I don't like the attempts at class tourist trap designers keep trying to impose: I spent waaaaay too much time in Graceland shops looking for tacky Elvis and finding only "classy" Elvis. Boo!

So try to remember to pick up a cheap shot glass for me on your travels and put it someplace you won't forget to wait for my birthday or something.

This message is brought to you by my reading of Scroogenomics, which I got for a friend for Christmas, but haven't given to her yet. The book talks about how Christmas gift giving destroys value, since the recipients so often get gifts they don't value.

And please feel free to email me with your own tips, if you're a good enough friend to get presents from ME.


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Do you have a mailing address? I officially can no longer process alcohol, and I have a collection of shot glasses that has only been partially (thus far) dropped off at Goodwill. Many are geographical because I collected those too before switching to pint glasses (which can also house chocolate milk). They have your name on it if you'd like!

Thanks for the offer, Anittah, but that feels like cheating! I want to collect each glass individually, by myself or from someone I love who's on a trip.

Also, I'm getting ready to move again, so I don't want more stuff until I'm done.

But thanks so much for thinking of me!

I hope your geographical shot glass collection is well on its way, a marker of the most excellent journeys on which you and your nearest and dearest have been =)

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