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March 11, 2010

io9 Review

I'm a bad self-promoter, but I gotta do this:

Annalee Newitz reviewed my book on io9! Yay!


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Wah! Congrats on the review, Claire--and now, I'm DYING to read your book! I love stories in which women are fully empowered--even OVERLY empowered (what a delicious conceit~), to the extent of doing awful, hey-only-guys-do-that things. ;P Not condoning rape, etc, but this is art--we're allowed to push boundaries and I like the ones it sounds like you're pushing. ;D

Do you know of anywhere that would ship it faster than Amazon? If not, I guess I'll endure their foot-dragging S&H times.

Thanks Cy! You should buy it directly from the publisher, so the publisher gets a bigger cut. They're good about sending them out immediately.

Here's their website: http://aqueductpress.com/

They use frames, so you have to click through "current publications" and go to the "Conversation Pieces" section. My book is #26 in the series.

Look forward to hearing what you think!

I found it on Aqueduct and have made my purchase~ (hey, they have a better price than Amazon! Good for them! :D). Will definitely let you know my thoughts after I read it~~ :D

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