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March 15, 2010

Ten Fashion Basics

Since I've pretty much given up on fashion (my feet have given out and I can't wear cute shoes anymore, and that's where it all begins) I've started reading fashion blogs. I'm sure there's some Psych 101 in there somewhere, but don't bother me with it. Anyway, I'm reading The Sartorialist, Garance Doré, and Jak & Jil blog, aside from Go Fug Yourself.

Garance just posted about her ten fashion basics, which seemed like a fun meme to me, so I'm gonna do that here. Just the fashion basics, mind you, the things I do to (in my mind) look good, not the things I always wear because they're comfortable. Well, actually, I'll post about the comfortable things I wear because I think they look good. I never wear anything uncomfortable. I might not have ten.

  1. Urban Outfitters oversize v-neck t-shirts. I have a jillion of 'em, each in a different color with a different print. These are my staple top because I love the cleverness of the prints and the cut is flattering.
  2. Free People extra long sleeved tops. They have a variety of styles, but the key here is that their thick, long-sleeved tops are all very long in both sleeve and torso length, and are thick enough to serve as pullovers, rather than just shirts. I've been wallowing in these all winter. A bit on the expensive side, but oh, so worth it for the long of limb.
  3. My 2" woven leather bronze belt. This was a score at some mall store in Michigan. I just happened to be looking for a belt to match my copper flats (which have since been retired) and this one turned out to be the solution for all my belting needs. ;P
  4. My Haflinger felt booties. Not at all fashionable, but compare to any random Crocs style, and you have the fashionable option for bad feet. (and my feet are baaaaaad.)
  5. Short jackets: for winter, my vintage 70s Gunilla Ponten (Brutus Rex) jacket, which I got in Berlin about 15 years ago. It's white, quilted faux fur with white ribbed collar and forearm-length sleeve cuffs. The lining is falling out and the faux fur is turning grey, but I loves it, precious! My summer jacket (I live in the Bay Area, remember) is a Sitwell sea-foam blue, collarless, stretch cotton, zip-up, portmanteau between a forties ladies jacket and a motorcycle jacket. Acquired at Anthropologie perhaps six years ago and getting nicely faded.
  6. My current favorite purse (I am a purse whore, so the favorite changes frequently), a red Nicole Lee thingy with brass-colored stuff all over it,  T.J. Smaxx find. (I never claimed to be fashionable.)
  7. An ongoing, never-to-be-concluded search for the perfect jeans. I.e., I wear almost nothing but jeans, but they change frequently. Tend to prefer wide-leg trouser jeans.
  8. H&M wraparound, half-sleeve dresses are my little black dress. I have three of them, in different prints. Come to think of it, I have two more wraparound dresses aside from those. I guess wraparound dresses are my thing. They're very flattering and highly recommended for people who have trouble finding dresses because they don't properly have a dress size!
  9. Necklaces! All kinds and shapes and sizes and colors! I generally go for cheap novelty necklaces from cheap stores, but sometimes I'll lay out a bit more for the right thing. My favorites right now are a stainless-steel-beaded long necklace from Target and a silver leather snap choker from the SF MOMA gift shop.
  10. Knee-high boots, which enable me to wear dresses (I can never find the right low shoes to wear with dresses.) Because of my recently-gone-bad feet, though, only two pairs of knee boots are still working for me, so I'm going to have to rebuild this section of my wardrobe.
Okay, that was a fun, if pointless, exercise. Now you!


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