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January 04, 2014

Reading Synopsis

Succubus Dreams Richelle Mead

So this is part of my new thing: writing down a synopsis of everything I read so I don't forget it. HERE BE SPOILERS!!!!

I'm actually pretty impressed with Richelle Mead. I read the Vampire Academy series a while back and really enjoyed it, but then didn't go back to her for a while. Then I discovered that she also wrote adult UF and read the first of her Age of X series, Gameboard of the Gods. It's a little bit UF, but also a bit sci fi, and just a touch literary, so much more interesting than your usual. But it's new and only the first so I couldn't read down the series yet. So I turned to her succubus series.

It's better than Lost Girl, but that's not hard. Also, she has some serious problems with vocabulary, spelling, conjugations, and the like. "Ingenuous" is not the same word as "ingenious," for example. Those problems make me lose faith in a writer, but the series is still fun.

Anyway, Dreams is the third in the series in which the protag, Georgia Kincaid, is a succubus created in 5th century Greece by a deal with a demon in which she sold her soul in exchange for having everyone forget that she cheated on her husband. She gets life force from a victim by doing anything sexual with him, but it takes years off his life, and she could potentially kill him. She works at an indy bookstore and falls in love with her favorite mystery author, Seth Mortensen, even though they can't have sex.

In this installment, she starts having dreams about having a child (she can't) and when she wakes up, all the energy she's stolen from her most recent victim is drained. Also, the imp that contracted for her soul turns up with a new succubus and says she has to mentor the newbie. Also also, a group of angels and one psychic human (name of Vincent, who is obviously in a relationship with angel Yasmine) come to town looking for something classified, and they house the human with her. Georgie goes to her psychic friend Erik for help and he sends her to Dante, another psychic, but a bad guy who killed his older sister (and Erik's lover) for more power.

Anyway, turns out that the angels are looking for the goddess Nyx, goddess of night and chaos, who is permanently caged but has escaped. The dreams she gives people are real glimpses of the future, but she manipulates them. So Georgie probably will get married and have a child someday. Georgie's contracted Imp brought her to Seattle to feed off of Georgie, and her friend Hugh tells her it's probably because the imp screwed up the contract for Georgie's soul, and she could potentially get out of it (the contract.) The imp also convinced the newbie succubus, Tawny, to screw up so that Georgie would get blamed for it.

Meanwhile, Seth tries to "save" Georgie from a mugger and gets shot and almost killed. Vincent, who is with them at the time, saves his life, thereby revealing that he's a nephilim, child of a human and a fallen angel, who is hunted by both angels and demons. Seth then gets antsy about not living his life and tries to get Georgie to sleep with him, but she won't. Then he goes and sleeps with Maddie (co-worker Doug's sister, who also works at the bookstore) and then dumps Georgie.

There's a final confrontation with Nyx, during which Nyx attacks Yasmine and Vincent reveals himself to save her. Once Nyx is bound, one of the other angels goes after Vincent and Yasmine kills him, thereby falling. Jerome (Georgie's boss demon) shows up and takes her to hell. 

I think that's it.


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