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This blog is no longer active. I've recently posted all the basics from my prose narrative classes, and you can access those below. From any of these posts you can navigate my archives on the right. Enjoy!


Acquiring Story Ideas: Finding ideas for stories is not a function of "talent" or "inspiration"; it's a skill that can be developed.

Developing Story Ideas: Taking ideas for stories and creating stories out of them is also a skill that must be developed.

Story: What is a story? What is conflict and action? How is a story structured?

World Building: "Setting" is what you study in literature class. "World Building" is what fiction writers do.

Characterization: How to conceive of and build a realistic character.

Narrator; POV; Voice: terms essential to understand, but which are often used interchangeably.

Revision Processes: Revision is half of writing, and no more than 10% of most teaching, unfortunately.

My Writing Workshop Guidelines: Guidelines for running a "workshop," i.e., a group of writers reading and commenting on each others' work.