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I'm a writer in San Francisco.


Claire Light has a master of fine arts degree in fiction writing from San Francisco State University (SFSU). She's still waiting for it to be useful.

The former program manager (and a current board member) of Asian American arts organization Kearny Street Workshop (KSW), she has taught creative writing at SFSU as a TA, as a writer-in-residence at School of the Arts, and to adults at KSW. She is a founder, a former senior editor, and a current blogger at nonprofit Asian American magazine Hyphen, and has been a contributing editor at nonprofit magazine Other, and a contributor at local NPR affiliate KQED's arts and culture website.

She's published her stories and articles in a forthcoming volume of The Encyclopedia Project, McSweeney's, FarThing, Hyphen, Other, Sensor, Viet Tide, and various online and print zines. She was KSW's APAture featured artist in literature for 2005, and a collection of her short stories, titled Slightly Behind and to the Left was published by Aqueduct Press in December 2009.

Claire blogs at Hyphen's blog and her own blogs: SeeLight (personal blog) and atlas(t) (mapping and geography.)

Her Twitter feeds are seelight (personal), and atlas(t) (mapping).


literature, geography, women's issues, visual art, odonymy, transportation, racism, hybridity, asian american, hapa, multiracial, urbanism, young adult fiction, movies, reading, writing, feminism, walking, surfing, fiction, science fiction, fantasy, urban fantasy