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Sunday, April 30, 2006


Jonathan Lewis

I'm currently revising a paper on map tattoos that I presented at an academic conference this spring. It would benefit from any images and stories about them that interested tattoo possessors (or artists) can provide. I hope to publish the piece in an academic journal, so would appreciate permission to reproduce images. No royalties, unfortunately, as the journal is non-profit.


cool! maybe you can send excerpts from your paper for me to post once it gets published!


Good evening.

I live in beijing and I would like to have your address, I would like to benefit from your services.

I like the tattoo.

Eric Fischer

Here's one I just happened across:


Desiree Gargo

My name is Desiree I got this cool map tattoo done by Jim at River of Ink in appleton It's on my back.


I just got a map tattoo. Not as extensive as the one in the post above, but it's the same idea... I'm shading the Hawaiian Islands as I visit them. Three down, five to go...



i just got this:



hmm... i want more this stuff... when somebody find something map tattoos please paste link on this side...
ps.. this ass is fuckin good:)


That's just..... weird...

Japanese words

The top picture would be amazing if it was real. The idea of a map, especially a real map to something as a tattoo is pretty cool.


I just got a tattoo on my leg of the road network where i grew up in Dublin, Ireland. I came on here to see if there was anyone else with map tattoos, they seem kinda rare. i'll post a pic link on here after the cling film is taken off and it heals a bit!


noelle: please do! better yet, email it to me and i'll post it!

Peter Towler

Good post. I like the pics. Any chance I could use them in my blog - with credit, of course?


I got this 3 years ago. Nice to know there are more!



(The link)

Tattoo Kits

Yeah Claire I don't believe for one second the first image is real


Does anyone have a tatt of illinios

tattoo gallery review

This made a nice distraction for today. At least they won't be getting lost any time soon! I remember seeing a movie where a pirate had a map tattoo leading to a secret treasure. Once the other pirate types found out they were all after him.

Cool Tattoo Designs

I love the first image, fake or not! You could never read it yourself though!

Some great ideas and designs here.

New Haven CT Tattoo

I'd be interested in seeing some map tattoos that have maps of established places but twisted in some way, like a new world.


I am hoping everyone out there grinding it out to write and dirrect movies sees success on some level. That digicam has in-constructed microphone and speaker tto rehord sounds. Alexander the Great is a good example of this.


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