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Saturday, June 24, 2006



Yeah, I pretty much ignored the text, but he did a beautiful job with the visuals.

When I first encountered this series I thought he'd done the pictures a disservice with the music, the way it contributes to the sense of cold, lonely isolation. If he'd set a warmer soundtrack to it, I might have noticed different things: the hints that people may still be living there, rather than all the open spaces and hard surfaces devoid of life.

Then I realised it was actually the absence of people that drew me in. The suggestion that there were once a lot of people in this place who are now elsewhere provokes an inner narrative -- what's happened here? what's going on? -- which engages me with the city.

That was kind of an interesting discovery for me.


that is interesting. i usually browse with the sound turned off, so i didn't hear the music at first. then i found it a little too eerie. i think it's eerie enough on its own.

Iliana Ulloa

I'm so glad all of you find City of Galvez interesting. It has been a pleasure to work with Oscar. All the staff at Zone Zero have heared with amazement Oscar and Claudia's comments on how this work and story are beeing built.

This is a great beginning for something even more outstanding yet to come.
Stayed tuned!

Regards from Mexico City and Zone Zero Staff.

Iliana Ulloa

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