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Friday, October 27, 2006


Winged Hussar 1683

What's lovely and amazing (MoveOn) about promoting anti-Semitic, anti-Catholic, and racist hate speech?

MoveOn.org knowingly and willfully welcomed racist, anti-Catholic, and anti-Semitic hate speech at its Action Forum until the widening scandal forced the forum to shut down in late September. MoveOn.org's own FAQ page for the Action Forum proves that MoveOn lied about not knowing about the hate speech.

The you-know-what is already hitting the fan and now the only question is how many Democratic candidates MoveOn.org will drag under with it on November 7. The Democrats need to cut this rogue organization loose NOW.

Don't associate your name with a hate organization. Call on behalf of your local Democratic Party instead.


to anybody who's reading this far: the above comment was posted by one bill levinson who posted exactly the same comment (same wording, etc.) on the other magazine blog where i also post.

who knows who this guy really is or what his scheme is, but ignore the claim. it appears to be a republican attempt to leverage anti-semitism against moveon, one of the most politically successful progressive organizations in the country.

here are a couple of articles about it:


to bill levinson and anyone else who attempts to post this bullshit on my blog: your comments will be deleted.

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