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February 21, 2006

Welcome Week

Okay, since this is my first week of personal bloggery, I'm making it an all-welcome-week-post-fest. I don't know what that means, except that I'll attempt to provide typical website-style explanatory content. This starts below, with an FAQ.


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Hey, Claire. Thanks for linking to the Carl Brandon Society Blog. The blogspot address isn't accurate anymore, though. Can you change the link to http://carlbrandon.org/blog/ ?


done, candra, thanks!

Enough with the welcome stuff, start bloggin' already.

Your FAQ's are hilarious. Seriously, though, can't you tell me how tall you are without me paying $195.95 per month?

I won't be able to feed my kids, if I pay that much. And for some reason, now that you've brough it up, I'm intensely curious about just exactly how tall you are....

You don't want my kids to starve, do you? Not for my head to explode out of curiousity?

Bad news: Claire has a heart of stone.

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