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April 23, 2006

Mystery Art Clip

My friend Jaime is looking for more of these:


Jaime sez about the "beautiful photo hanging clip":

It has a pin in the back that you stick into the wall, and a clip in the front to hang the photo or drawing. It is acrylic and metal. I have a couple of them, but I need more. I am asking all of you if you have any leads for me. What I'd like to find out is: Have you ever seen these? Do you know what they are called? Do you know where I might find some of these? I've tried flax, dick blick art supply, university art supply, utrech, several art galleries, calumet photo and adolph gasser photo, light impressions.com, about ten galleries. I've tried googling "art clip" "acrylic clip" "art clamp" "acrylic clamp" "photo hanging clamp" "Photo hanging clip" and a few others I can't even remember. I am now officially desperate to find them to use to hang large drawings for my mfa exhibition coming up very soon. If you have any leads, I will praise you, and god will reward you in the afterlife.


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ask Jaime what they turned out to be. and please post an update.

Stop the TypePad press. Origins still unknown.

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