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April 22, 2006


Those of you who haven't yet need to check out Daddy Dialectic, Jeremy Smith's blog about being a stay-at-home dad ... well, a thoughtful stay-at-home dad who writes really really well.

This is from yesterday, in which he compares the public sight of himself caring for his son, Liko, with the sight of a man with a degenerative disorder and his caretaker:

Watching them oppressed and saddened me; my hands feel heavy as I write. I’m trying to understand why. Perhaps I was seeing myself as I might appear with Liko to other people: burdened by responsibility, trapped in caring for another, covered in spit and milk. That’s the external image. Internally, how do the two young men feel? There must be anger, both at thwarted lives. But what freedom and power is there, where we can’t see it?


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