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June 12, 2006

Happy Loving Day!

Loving Day is a new holiday promoted by this organization to celebrate interracial relationships. Loving vs. Virginia was the historic Supreme Court case that overturned all antimiscegenation laws in the US. The date of the decision was June 12, 1967 -- that's right, less than 40 years ago, it was still illegal in 17 states to marry across racial lines.

This date is particularly meaningful to me because it was my parents' third anniversary: they got married on June 12, 1964. Also, the decision came down only a few weeks before my older sister was born. It makes a great difference to me that my parents dared to start a family before the morality of their relationship had been acknowledged by the highest court in the land ... but that my sister and I were born afterward, into a new world, as it were.

Please take some time today to think about the unjust marriage laws that are still in effect in this country, and the bigotry that is passing new unjust marriage laws as we speak. Take some time to think about the couples you know whose relationships happen across strong social dividing lines. Your friends don't need your approval today, or even your sympathy. Not today or ever. But you could give them your acknowledgement -- your recognition -- by wishing them a Happy Loving Day.

And a Happy Loving Day to you too, however you love!


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Thanks for posting this, Claire; I had no idea.

jason, spread the word!

btw, loving day is not only our anniversary, it's also my birthday.

happy loving day to my wife and to me!!


dennis! happy birthday, anniversary and loving day, all three!

well thanks, claire. and happy anniversary to your folks, too.

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