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June 15, 2006

Orifice Supplies

Okay, so I did it. I tried to look at my old outline for da nobble and nearly had a meltdown (I didn't, though. My eyes just crossed.) So I decided to write a new outline, balked (this is not as lazy as it sounds. My stolen word processing software has a glitch which makes it hard to navigate quickly between two different files) and decided that I needed to write out my outline by hand. Then it Occured To Me that I could put the "outline" on index cards instead, which would be handier, since I'm gonna rearrange a shitload of stuff. Then I went to the store, forgot to buy the index cards, and had to stop off at a grocery store with a small stationery section. Then, while selecting from the four types of index cards, my eye was caught by the post it notes instead. Agonizing decisionmaking processes later, I walked out the store with post its, posterboards, markers and tape.

I now have no further excuse not to get started today.

(BTW, did I never mention that da nobble is called "Chinaman Treetops"? Yes it is, and the title will just have to remain out of context for a while longer. Yes, there is a Chinese involved. Yes he's a man. No, there are no trees. We're on Mars.)


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How funny. I'm editing my novel and did the very same thing with the posterboards, markers, and tape. Now I'm making a storyboard outline of my novel, which is actually kind of fun (compared to sitting in my office, staring at my document, and feeling overwhelmed). Good luck with your outline.

thanks, joy! long time no workshop! how's your life? did you finish school? (i just finished in december.) how's the novel coming along?

i just realized that i don't need to do an outline yet. i was doing it as busy work. i've become insanely good at distracting myself from the primary work. there are several sections that i have to build up before i need to rearrange the outline so ... sigh ... back to work.

Yeah, I graduated in December as well. I know what you mean about distracting yourself with busy work. I finally found a direction for editing my novel, or at least, I *think* I found a direction. We'll see if I hit another wall or not.

Anyway, I'm enjoying your blog. Check out mine if you get a chance. :)

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