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September 25, 2006

Looking For A Job

Okay, it was inevitable. I'm now officially on the job market. Here's what I'm looking for and if you hear of anything in the Bay Area that might fit, please let me know!

Nonprofit: I'm particularly interested in nonprofits that address economic disadvantage, labor issues, immigration issues, and the environment. I have a lot of experience in arts and ethnic nonprofits.
• advocacy/organizing
• programming/program management
• event coordination
• development
• outreach/volunteer coordination/membership
• writing/editing/written project management
• teaching: writing/english/basic reading/all primary school subjects (esp. interested in teaching teens and adults)

For profit:
• writing/edition/written project management

I AM NOT LOOKING FOR ADMIN POSITIONS! And, except in the case of a development job, I'm not interested in entry-level positions.

Thanks all!


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wait. hang on. bay area?

yeah, i decided---after everyone i talked to told me how neurotic new yorkers are and i thought, "well, i can be neurotic and comfortable in the bay area"---to come back to SF. and i'm glad i did. i missed my friends and they've been so sweet and welcoming.

i'm sorry that i'm not going to be hanging with you all in new york but i can always come visit ...

have you tried indeed?


searching these terms (advocacy organizing event development outreach "project management") on indeed led me to 417 postings w/in 25 mi. of sf!

have fun!

dennis, you made that up, didn't you? "indeed" indeed!

hell no! did you try it!

it works! indeed: "indeed" indeed!

i mean, if i was gonna prank you in this piddly a manner, i'd have just written you . . . by posting it here in a quasi-public quasi-forum, i'm laying myself bare.

for real, claire: check it. it works.

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