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September 12, 2006

Yet More On Groping

Writer John Scalzi's wife Krissy (whom I've hung out with and who is as cool as this whole thing makes her sound) was groped at a bar a couple of nights ago, and took physical action against the perp. He backed down. John was so proud of her, he blogged about it. Then Instapundit's wife, Dr. Helen, blogged back that Krissy was being unnecessarily violent and touched off a shitstorm.

In light of the shitstorm already out and about regarding Harlangate , this is the perfect opportunity to observe all the typical reactions to someone being groped and dealing with it that I noted in my groping meme post.

Go check out the comments in John's original post, and in his follow-up.

I find particularly heartbreaking the post from commenter "luna_the_cat", who left no calling card, unfortunately:

A few years ago, coming home late and laden with bags of shopping which effectively immobilised my arms, I was targetted by a group of screaming male teenagers. One of them approached me at a run, arms outspread, clearly aiming for a tackle and at an angle which would have taken me off the path and into some bushes.

I did not so much "kick him" as I merely put my foot up in the right place, and he ran his crotch into it. The impact knocked us both down, but I can tell you I got up one heck of a lot quicker than he did. Fortunately his mates decided to back off, and I made it to a better-lit street quickly.

I made it home ok, but I was a bit shaken, and I told my husband what had happened -- only to walk into a firestorm of criticism from him on the basis that "they hadn't actually touched me when I made the decision to kick him, and I didn't know that they meant me any harm, and I shouldn't have provoked them. There were better ways I could have dealt with it!" That's one of the things I have a real hard time forgiving my husband for.

... I wish my husband had your attitude.


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