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October 25, 2006

Studio 60

Okay, while I'm at it, let me just say that it's only the fourth episode and they don't have any right to do a sentimental walk-down-memory-lane episode yet, but I loved the episode this week. The shot at the end where the old guy talks about his crush while Harriet appears briefly in the doorway is beyond cheesy. But actually kind of beautiful, too. Argh, and I'm not even drunk.

Watch it.


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I know, I keep thinking the show is too hollow and the comedy's no good and the soap opera plots are failing, and yet. I still really look forward to watching it. I like the understatedness of the comic acting (not to be confused with the stuff that's simply unfunny, alas). And I think the show is picking up some momentum as the characters get established, so that they can do stuff like the old man moment and have it feel genuinely poignant. I'm kind of on the fence about the show, and I cringe a fair bit when I'm watching, but I do like it.

Calling "Who's On First" the high point of American comedy was pretty sad, though.

i disagree about "who's on first?" (obviously)

it's not about anything at all (prefiguring seinfeld, which i truly hated), but you do kind of have to be american to wallow in it. because it's a baseball team taken for granted.

that's not the point. it's just funny. when they start racing each other to say "third base!" i always burst out laughing. as long as the language and baseball exist, it will be funny. it's not topical.

sigh, i'm being incoherent. it may not be great art, but it's great comedy--about as close to timeless as language-based comedy can get within a culture. pretty much everyone who laughs at it will be able to think of a comedy routine that they liked better, or that they think is better. but they won't be able to get very many people to agree with them.

i don't believe in the universal, but with something this popular and this well known for so long ... well, it deserves a special notice every time.

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