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October 09, 2006

Why Are Interracial Relationships Important to Society?

Some people have been linking to this blog via an ask.com search on "Why are interracial relationships important to society?" So I'm going to address this question (again) directly.

Q: Why are interracial relationships important to society?

A: They're not.

Yeah, that's right. They're not important to society. Period. Know why? because interracial relationships are relationships, not government-sanctioned social tweaking, like affirmative action. Interracial relationships are romance, family. It's important to accept them, yes. It's important to society that you accept interracial relationships, because then your society will be less racist. But your society will be less racist if you accept interracial relationships not because interracial relationships perform that all-important deracifying function on society. Your society will be less racist if you accept interracial relationships because you are being less racist.

You have frequent opportunities throughout your day, week, year, and lifetime to be more racist or less racist, and to affect your society, to make your society more racist or less racist. People partnering interracially and entering your public space create opportunities for you to be more racist or less racist. But if no one partnered interracially, you'd still have opportunities to deal with race; you'd still be forced to deal with race.

People partnering interracially are not doing it for you, and they're not doing it for society. They're doing it because they're in love, or because they make each other hot, or because the sex is fantastic, or because every day is a delightful surprise, or because they have a fetish and this person is the perfect embodiment, or because they're feeling adventurous, or because they have something to prove, or because they want to piss of their parents, or because they're abroad and they're really, really homesick and this person is comforting, or because they learned the language and wanted to practice it on somebody and chose the wrong person to try to practice on who then lambasted them about how they were actually American too and didn't speak the language but their lips were so mobile as they said it and they did such a cute thing with their hair that one really couldn't help oneself, or, okay, maybe because they think they should or because it reflects their values. But they're not doing it for you, and they're not doing it for society, and turning their relationship, their sex, their dating and fucking and having brunch and arguing over the remote into an important societal function is just plain stupid.

People do what they do, the world changes, and you adjust. Or you don't adjust. Interracial relationships are a symptom of the world changing, not the cause. They are not important to society. Your response to them is important to society. They're not the problem, but you might be.


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Was directed to your blog by shailja, Kenyan poet, link was about groping meme, stayed to read some more then saved pages and read them at leisure on home comp (expensive internet access), like your style, not really a fan of blogs but at least you have stuff to say, okay some thoughts,

Groping: there is no winning response to this, the groper has dragged you down to their level and you cannot win, least of all by ignoring it. From a womans perspective, any way you react it seems as if it is a greater response that the ‘groping’ deserves, the fact that it is a callous objectification of a person is lost on most people.
My view is that if in a public place by reacting loudly and heatedly you actually make others around you surprised at your vehemence, my own favourite would be loud derisive sarcasm along the lines of ‘OH, Am I supposed to have an orgasm because you pinched my butt??’ or ‘Hey, Did you enjoy that pinch, how about doing it 3 more times tonight to someone else and filling your sexual requirements!’ or ‘Dear me, How many women do you pick up with moves like that?’
Got the picture?, it just requires an audience to get the point across that it is a) stupid, b) annoying to recipient and c) only done discreetly because the perpetrator is usually some dweeb who cannot handle the full frontal approach. Hey, maybe come up with some on the blog that can be kept in reserve for the situation, because you know that the moment will arrive and minutes later you think of the perfect comeback line but by then it is too late.
For a grope where there is no audience vitriol combined with scorn would discourage the groper and leave you with some satisfaction, something like ‘Do you do everything exactly like your Dad does? I bet your momma loved that’ etc,

Hybridity: I am Race : African/negroid, ethinicity : Kalenjin, Nationality : Kenyan. To put myself in your frames of reference, I like your ideas regarding the blending and merging of cultures and racial genetic types but would like to suggest that you also add to this a healthy dose of ‘I refuse to subscribe to your ideas of race and culture’ and ‘Culture is fluid and transient.’. I happen to believe that as an individual you integrate what you have from your upbringing and assimilate what appeals to you from other cultures millieu’s,. allow other to do the same and life is too short to try and help those who place their particular race/ethnicity/nationality on pedestals and seek your support/allegiance. So to hybridity add ‘You cannot ‘type’ me & deal with being yourself, allow me the same privelege’

Okay, keep it up and hey finish the nobble :)

hey kimutai, thanks for stopping by.

i don't entirely agree (or disagree) with you about assimilating "what appeals to you from other cultures and allow others to do the same," because all things aren't equal in this multicultural society. but i've written about this elsewhere on the blog and don't wanna get into it right now.

i'll finish the nobble as soon as i get a job ;) right now the job search is taking up all my time and energy.

Interracial relationships are important to society because it is through the personal experience of relationships that people fully understand each other.

Many peoples perception of race etc is based on stereotypes. If i were to date someone of another race, I would learn about that race. This makes society more cohesive. I think we need more interracial relationships.

johnN, you're SO right! we shouldn't date people because we're attracted to them or because they bring out the wonderful in us. we should date them to combat racism!

why don't you try telling the people you're dating that you're dating them to combat racism? i'm sure they'd love to hear that!

I'd still say interracial relationships are important to the society, which I percieve as a fact, and I don't believe the *intention* of interracial relationships can negate any factual effect it might yield. People don't marry because marriage matters to the society, but marriage still matters to the society. People don't go to Wal-mart because a large number of people being attracted to Wal-mart has a significant impact on the economy, but a large number of people being attracted to Wal-mart DOES have a significant impact on the economy. It is by the same token that I would say that interracial relationships do matter to the society, even though the people don't do it for the society.

I don't think that interracial relationships should be looked at from the negative point of view ie from the view that it would be difficult due to the mismatch in culture and religion. In fact, if you take a positive view it can be rather exciting to learn about and adopt some of your partner's culture and ways. I know many successful interracial couple.

Every relationship requires compromise and lots of give and take and the best test of it all is if you can go through interracial tolerance and still survive. Good luck to all those searching for interacial singles. You can do so at URL OF STUPID WEBSITE THIS SPAMMER IS SELLING (but I'm going to leave this comment up, so you can all enjoy its doopidity), the number one interracial dating community on the net. Its a whole community where you can chat, join forums and search through thousands of profiles to find that special someone.

"Yeah, that's right. They're not important to society. Period. Know why? because interracial relationships are relationships..."

Oh my gosh... treating humans as one united species as opposed to several breeds. I would like to see a world in which everyone thinks this way. ( It would probably be like an anime since races are usually vague) My hat off to you. Keep up the good work.

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