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December 08, 2006

InNoWriMo Plan Change

Okay, I haven't written anything for two days because there have been holiday parties and three potential jobs that I had to wrangle. I have finally been offered, and accepted, a job, and I am starting immediately. Like, today.

What this means is that I can, and have to, start looking for a new apartment. So, basically, I'm going to be busy and tired for the next couple weeks. I had reached day 16 of InNoWriMo on the fifth (and 33K words) when I became too stupid and insane to continue. So I'm taking a break before I complete the other 14 days. I suspect I'll be able to begin again in about a week's time. And, of course, I'm going to try to work at my writing date on Sunday (if I do, that will count as a day). I'll be going to my parents for Christmas, so I can get in a week's worth there.

So InNoWriMo is turning into an individualized learning plan or whatever that thing is that they do with learning disabled kids in school. That's why we call it InNoWriMo.

I do hereby pledge to finish the month by December 31, though. Hook or crook.


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Wow! Congrats on the job. Do we get any hints about what it is? :)

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