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December 11, 2006

Sharon Stone vs. The Komodo Dragon

For Your Delectation: just started new job today and I'm bushed. So here's a hangover from Thanksgiving. For some complicated reason at Thanksgiving we were talking about crocs and komodo dragons, and I googled the Phil Bronstein/Sharon Stone/Komodo dragon incident, in which Bronstein got his foot bitten by a dragon. (FYI Bronstein is the editor of the SF Chronicle and he and Sharon Stone are no longer married.)

I came across this 2001 Time magazine interview with Sharon Stone about it. Know what? She's crraaaaaazzzy. But she gives good interview.

The zoo invited us. 'Yes, wonderful, come, bring the baby.' The baby had an ear infection so we didn't bring him. So we get to the zoo and they brought us inside the reptile house, so we saw iguanas and those amazing turtles that have been around for god knows how long, and like that. Just being inside looking in the cages was plenty of thrills for me.

Phil didn't know where we were going or why we were going there. It was a complete surprise. So we came around the corner and he was like, 'Oh my god this is so fabulous, I've always wanted to see this.' And the zookeeper said, 'would you like to go in the cage? It's very mild mannered. Everybody goes in there. Kids pet him. It's fine.' I thought, well I'm not going in there. I want to go to the bunny cage. But I thought, well this is so neat, he gets to go in.

It gets better. It gets much, much better. Want a little more?

He yelled, like screamed out, then he reached down and opened the jaws off his foot and threw this thing. Then he started to try to get back out the way he got in, which was the feeding door, which was about 3 and a half feet high by probably 20 inches wide, so he's coming out foot first and I'm trying to pull him out.

I see that his foot is completely mangled. And we're trying to pull him out and now the animal has gone completely crazy. And the poor zookeeper who was just horrified, who was paralyzed in shock when it happened, was now trying to keep this thing away. And now that it had the taste of blood from Phil, it was continuing to try to attack him. It was slamming against Phil's back and clawing him. As I was trying to pull his upper body through the hole in the cage, the dragon's tongue literally came out between the cage door and his shoulder. The zookeeper who's still in the cage is screaming, 'Get him out! Get him out! Get him out! Get him out! I gotta get outta here! Get him out!' And I'm pulling him as fast as I can through this door, but it's still attacking Phil. The zookeeper is trying to kick this thing off and it's going crazy.

Seriously, read it. It's a crazy story from a crazy lady.


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