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December 09, 2006

TV Rattle

I am soooo not watching "The Nine" anymore. I don't really remember when or why I lost interest in it, but I haven't watched it for weeks. I think it's because it tries for psych complexity but fails. People always come down on one side or another side of something in every episode. Even if they keep changing their minds. It's splitting black and white into smaller and smaller modules, so if you stand back far enough, it looks grey, but it's really just a bunch of tiny black or white dots. Anyhoo, "The Nine" is outta there. Don't care.

I've had deep conversations about "Battlestar Galactica," and I think the show is in serious danger of starting to suck. I hope enough people are making noise about this that they start to take notice. As I write this I am downloading this week's episode. Please god, don't let it suck.

Bummed about the infrequency of "Ugly Betty", but very glad Betty is interested in Henry. Walter has good ideas, but his presence is so insufferable. I cannot understand why Sofia is even remotely interested in whatsisface. Sooo unattractive. But whatever.

I've started watching "Grey's Anatomy" again. Realizing that they strike a good balance on the show--a balance of what, I'm still trying to figure out. But I look forward to the show in a way that I do not look forward to, say, "The Nine," or even "Ugly Betty" for that matter. I still hate the lead actress, who has no charisma, is anorexic, lisps, has a baby voice, is 37, looks it, and should not be playing an ingenue (get me not wrong: I am 36 and have no problem with women being and looking 37, but they should not be playing ingenues). McDreamy is unacceptably smarmy. But I don't watch the show for them. I watch it for everyone else.

Finally, I have given up on "Studio 60" being good. I'm still watching it because it's fun and I like the characters, but it's cheap and easy and means nothing to me, baby, nothing. Memo to Aaron Sorkin, re: your sucky inability to make anyone bad: Dude, get over yourself. Not everyone can be a good guy. Not everyone needs to be a good guy. And guess what? In television, not everyone can be a good guy. That everyone at "NBS" is motivated by noble things is completely unbelievable, and your entire audience knows it. You're losing us, dude, and you're soft as cheese doing it. If you don't start introducing real conflict with a real face (blaming everything on faceless Christian hordes, or faceless TV censors isn't gonna cut it for much longer) we're all gonna die of terminal narcolepsy.

"Heroes" is, god help me, complex. For everything I don't like about the show, there's one thing I like, and one thing that completely puzzles me. Could it be that they know what they're doing? All the shows are up on the NBC site over the holidays and Ima watchem all. Then I will blog--god help me will I blog.


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I watch "Grey's" but only because I don't want to feel left out when everyone I know talks about Meredith and McDreamy. I thinkt he balance might have to do with some episodes being tear-jerkers and others being humorous fillers. Btw, I agree with you: Meredith and McDreamy are the blah-est characters.

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