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July 14, 2007


Was absolutely brilliant. How genius was it of them to mirror the back-and-forth transformation of cars and trucks into robots with the back-and-forth transformation of the movie from a whorish product-placement vehicle to a snarky Gen-Y fanboy tantrum about privilege and parents?

Seriously, some people might call it a racist, sexist, asshole-scouring, cow-pie of a mess, with too many characters, excessive plot pointlesses, and a fragmented half-hour-long commercial for the privatized armed forces. Some people might wonder if even kids these days, with their WoW-trained eyes, could track the triple-speed action sequences, which would have obviated the necessity of repeating the same silly action moves ad nauseum if they had just been slowed down enough to fill up a scene.

But not me.


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I can't believe even the "black" autobot (Jazz) had to die... WTF.

And yeah, I must be getting old, I could not follow most of the action...

also, my childhood is ruined...

but I thought the insecticon was cool.

i totally agree with you and was just as amazed how fun this movie was.

Watching Transformers was absolutely the worst movie experience I've had in my lifetime. After watching this movie, I can now tolerate *any* movie. What surprised me about your comment was that even though you mentioned *some* of the problems I've had with the movie, you don't seem to care about it, since you didn't do anything to argue against them. This leads me to wonder...why do you hate some other movies, anyway? Aren't you able to be entertained by *anything*?

aayla, it's called "sarcasm."

Sorry, I was confused by rashad's comment. I was reading too many positive (read: ignorant) reviews to detect the sarcasm in your post. Actually, most of the reviews I read made my head dizzy and wonder if the world has gone mad - how anyone can enjoy that crap was beyond me. And what even shocked me more was mindless ridicule targeted at those who dared to criticize the movie (something along the lines of "It's a Transformer movie! It can have ANYTHING offensive and get away with it! You are stupid/evil/gay for not liking a summer movie, which is justified to have racism, sexim, stupid editing, incomprehensible storytelling, loathsome characters, and anything that would otherwise doom a movie to the IMDB bottom 100!") Hence, in my hotheadedness I assumed that your review was the same, even if it wasn't. I'm sorry.

aayla, you don't have to apologize. standards have gotten so dangerously low among mainstream critics, that audiences now not only accept crap movies, but they mimic movie-critic diction in their blogs praising crap movies.

that was kinda my point.

"standards have gotten so dangerously low among mainstream critics, that audiences now not only accept crap movies, but they mimic movie-critic diction in their blogs praising crap movies."

Totally agreed.

And thanks for your post! It gives me comfort to know that I'm not alone to think that not only this movie is crap, but also the mass has gone dangerously stupid. ;)

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