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August 15, 2007

Readin' Update

Just finished Georgette Heyer's Cotillion. Not sure what the title has to do with anything. I don't believe the word was ever used in the book. It was a little slow in the middle but fun.


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1. a formal ball given esp. for debutantes.
2. a lively French social dance originating in the 18th century, consisting of a variety of steps and figures and performed by couples.
3. a formalized dance for a large number of people, in which a head couple leads the other dancers through elaborate and stately figures.

Geddit? The whole novel is about Kitty's "instead of an official cotillion". The plot is the cotillion, wherein couples do "a variety of steps and figures" around each other.

BTW, I ADORE Georgette Heyer. Was totally addicted to her in my teens.

I just finished Cotillion, too. Great dialog, great read.

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