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November 10, 2007


I was horrified to read this article in Salon about Diabulimia, a new eating disorder that affects only Type 1 diabetics like myself.

As I wrote in the previous post, when you have full blown diabetes, you'll eat carbs but not be able to use them, so you'll be essentially starving to death. And yes, you'll lose a lot of weight. The four big symptoms of diabetes are: excessive thirst, excessive urination, extreme weight loss, and blurred vision.

This article talks about young girls and women who are Type 1 diabetics who use diabetes to lose weight. Yep, that's right, they starve themselves while eating tons of food. As long as they don' t eat fat or protein, they'll lose weight quickly.

The thing the article doesn't mention in much detail, presumably because the writer isn't diabetic, is how awful hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) feels. When you don't take your insulin but still eat, you have tons of unused sugar running around your system. It doesn't just run innocently around, though. It collects where it shouldn't.

Like in your eyes, for example. The blurred vision? That's you going blind. It takes a few years, but unchecked hyperglycemia deposits destructive sugar in the blood vessels in your eyes, which then burst from the pressure, damaging your retina.

Or in your kidneys, putting pressure on them. Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure. Why? Because your body tries to flush out this destructive loose sugar and you have to pee, literally, every fifteen minutes, and are thirsty all the time. Processing all that sugar destroys your kidneys.

Your eyes feel swollen and you can't see properly, even with glasses. You're thirsty and can't quench your thirst no matter how much you drink. It's like a Greek version of Hell. You can't move far away from a bathroom or you'll pee your pants. Your joints feel like they're swollen, your head feels like it's swollen, and gravity is stronger. You're so tired you can't walk very far without having to sit down and rest. Your heart races all the time and you're breathless with any exertion. You just feel sick. Constantly, so that, although you're tired all the time, you can't sleep.

It's horrible.

And that's just the direct effects. Secondarily, yeast and fungi loooove sugar, remember? So you get yeast infections. Yes, even the guys. Guys, did you know you could get yeast infections in any warm, moist body crease? Ladies, imagine a yeast infection that just. won't. go. away. Also, itchy skin infections.

Cuts don't heal and get infected easily. Tattoos are clearly out. And you're more susceptible to other diseases, especially bacterial ones.

It's gross, it feels terrible, and your quality of life is shit.

This is why it horrifies me that girls can hate their bodies so much that they'd put themselves through this hell just to look thin.

What is this world coming to?


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As a matter of fact I didn't know.
Are there any natural yeast infection cures?

steven, well, women know about the yogurt one (not eating it, but rather putting on the affected part.) you have to use acidophilus yogurt.

here's a page of DIY vaginal yeast infection remedies which men (and women) can adjust and use for other parts of the body:

fyi, body crease yeast infections that affect both men and women seem to happen a lot (according to my doctor) in the groin area or in the armpit area. this particularly affects people who are overweight or obese, because they have more body creases, and perhaps sweat more. i dated a man who was very overweight and he got a yeast infection in the crease of his armpit.

the ones i know about are simply a red, sore line where the line of the crease is. it looks a lot like a scratch, except that it won't scab over or heal. it's a little itchy and sore. these will be in a place that is always moist.

oh, i just clicked on the link "steven davies" provided (the asker above) and discovered that it's a link to an "e-course" on natural yeast infection cures. normally, i'd kill the link in wrath. but this actually seems like it could be a useful resource.

check out the page i mentioned above first (no guarantees of course) but if those don't work (or are uncomfortable or unpleasant--you use them at your own risk) then maybe you'll want to sell your email to some company.

Another name for yeast infections on men is called "jock itch." It's a drag, and if you ever get it, DO NOT USE athlete's foot spray on your manparts. I spent an afternoon howling in the shower after a spray of pain.

oh is THAT what jock itch is? okay, this convo just got way too real for me.

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