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November 19, 2007


This is so wrong in so many ways, but at the same time, it just feels harmless, you know? It made me laugh.

You know how some things---films, tv, books---just have this negative power that drives you to comment on how horrible it is in your blog ... and some things just don't have that power at all? Usually, the power-free things are just sad. But this one isn't even sad! It's happy! And silly! And wrong!

I dunno, maybe I'm becoming post-race.

Oh, well, no not quite:

  1. The black dude is wearing a pendant chain

  2. The Indian dude has a headfeather and arrow

  3. The Arab dude has a beard and a turban

  4. The white dude has a beret and a baguette, I guess 'cause being white isn't hint enough

  5. The Asian dude appears to be the only woman

  6. It's a biracial isle with five distinct monoraces.

  7. Contrary to my expectations, the Asian dudette didn't fuck each of the guys and produce biracial offspring of every intermediate hue. This was my biggest disappointment. That would have made this filim.

But who am I to argh with a racial cornucopia of joy?


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Heh. Yeah, that was more silly (in an innocent third grader sort of way) than anything else.

The fact that they said 'cornucopia' made the film for me.

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