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December 12, 2007

Multi Facial

Somebody finally posted it:

This is why I love Vin Diesel.


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thanks for the post. i have to say that i've always been curious about vin diesel, but also turned off by all the one-note movies he's done. this one shows a different side, one that is particularly interesting to me personally.

the first two movies i saw him in were "pitch black" and "boiler room," both of them really interesting, with a lot of moral ambiguity in his characters. i loved his physical charisma, but i loved the ambiguity more. so i've been very forgiving of the crap movies he's done since then -- especially since i found out about "multi-facial."

Thank you for posting that! I'd been trying to find that since I first heard about it--that was awesome.

Awesome. Now I am a fan.

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