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December 31, 2007

Ten Good Things about 2007

More lists. I have lots of year-turn listiness, just like everyone else.

Let's be honest: 2007 sucked for me. It wasn't a good year. But in the name of positivity and not being such a bummer all the time (a resolution for 2008?) I'm going to list at least 10 things, personal or general, that were good about 2007. Please overlook if they actually happened in 2006.

1. I now have health insurance. It's not Heaven, but it's a fairly cool thing to have, especially when pulling out your credit card to pay for those life-giving pharmaceuticals you depend on.

2. Charlie the obese cat lost four (count 'em, 4!) pounds on the strict and consistent diet I put him on this year. This was just confirmed by a visit to the vet today. He had lost two by July, and another 2 or 2.5 in the second half of the year. This is good on many levels. If I can impose discipline on a cat when I'm having a bummer year, then maybe I can impose discipline on myself. Plus, no diabetes for Charlie (maybe ... he still has another two or three pounds to go, the fatness.) Plus, Charlie in general is an unmitigated good.

3. Having conversations with my niece, who is now officially a Young Lady.

4. Watching Hillary Clinton's campaign go from pie-in-the-sky to A Real, Strong Possibility. This time last year, I was yelling at my parents and everybody else I know for parroting that self-fulfilling prophecy/received notion "I like Hillary but she can't win." I haven't heard that idiocy in at least nine months. Go team Hillary. Does this mean the Democratic party has stopped being utterly incompetent?

5. My friends. I take them somewhat for granted, but my friends kick everybody else's friends' asses. I've hung out with your friends, people, and I don't like them as much as mine. I have better friends than you. I would be lost and friendless without them. Literally. This includes not-historically-so-close friends whom I have become closer to this year, for reasons I shall not elaborate on, except to say that there was more room on my attention plate this year than in previous years, hallelujah.

6. The Whole Foods store that opened up near my house. I'm sorry, but yummy, expensive, foodie food rocks.

7. Lake Merritt. Birds, people, birds. The smell of brine, the birds floating on top, fighting the current. The fluffy egrets and honky gooses. The shrieking little kids, making a hole in the sea o' birds. The wondrous bird, the pelican, whose beak can hold more than its ... you know. Herons. Seagulls cracking molluscs by dropping them from a great height. Beautiful jogging men. Not necessarily in that order.

8. My parents, who are getting old and creaky, but are still my parents. They're repeating themselves in earnest, but they're still sweet. Plus, they give good Christmas present.

9. Trip to the Philippines. Exciting and fun and interesting. There are two more trips planned next year ... maybe more. Travel with a purpose is definitely good.

10. My new red bike with wicker basket. 'Nuff said.

11. New job skillz learned, despite the tedium of my job. That, in fact, is a job skill. Yes, it's good. I insist.

12. Reading, which is still good. Very.

13. Being able to watch TV on the internet, which in itself is good, although a lack of discipline may make it seem ungood.

14. Buncha people getting married this year, and starting to have babies. Here's to life moving on, and people (not me) giving up their eternal young-adulthood for ... other stages.

That's more than ten. Hallelujah! A good year!


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