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March 02, 2008

The Dude Whisperer

I love advice columns. I looooooooove advice columns. I'll read any advice column about anything: bicycle maintenance, hiking tips, how to maximize your physics class, anything.

I especially like advice columns about sex and romance. And I've always wanted to be friends with a really cool advice columnist.

And guess what? Now I am!

My anonymous friend, husband of a longtime, also anonymous friend, has become famous (among friends) for interpreting dude behavior to women (he's a writer and that's, arguably, the job description). So now he's taking it to the public: he started a blog called The Dude Whisperer, and is open for business.

Check it out, especially if you have a dude question. Warning: he's a dude, so he has a tendency to say "I don't know" when he doesn't know, unlike Cary Tennis, but that's why I love The Dude Whisperer.


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the question is, though, is it more dudelike to say "i don't know" or to make something up and act like you do? i may have to rethink my methods...

and the DW loves you, too!

it depends, i guess, on how sullen the "i don't know" is. ;)

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