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May 23, 2008

At Wiscon

Hey all!

Those of you at Wiscon who want to meet up should:

  1. Come to Opening Ceremonies at 7:30 tonight (Friday) for a Carl Brandon Society-led hootenanny.
  2. Come to the Carl Brandon Party tonight (Friday) after 9 PM in room 623, which we're sharing with the Speculative Literature Foundation. New and renewing members will get a special cocktail!
  3. Come to the Carl Brandon Society update panel tomorrow (Saturday) at 10 AM in Conference Room 5 to find out what's going on with the awards, the scholarship, our wiki, and other cool things we're doing.
  4. Come to my reading with Doselle Young and Alaya Dawn Johnson tomorrow (Saturday) at 4 pm at Fair Trade Coffee at 418 State Street.
  5. Come to the Carl Brandon Society panel "Some of Us Are Brave: Identity Intersections in an Election Year" on Sunday at 4 PM in Conference Room 5.

Plus, I'll just be around, dude!


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I'm so envious! *am insanely jealous* If I win the lottery tonight I'm getting on a plane tomorrow. It could happen.

you are sorely, sorely missed. especially since i can't get anyone to go see indy and the crystal skull with me!

by the way, please allow anonymous comments on your lj! otherwise, i can't comment!


Oh I did not know that!!! Thanks for the heads up *beats head on desk and looks vainly for lj-fu*

Ooh - I think I did it! Come comment and let me know!!

I'm so glad I got to see you around, dude! Hope you got to the [diva hand-twirl] SAUNA and that it was everything it should be (really the perfect post-con treat).

i did NOT get to the [twirl] sauna, sadly. i needed exercise more, and then i went back to my room to shower and contemplated [twirl] sauna vs. room service, and of course, room service won.

[extra fancy hand twirl] sauna next time dude.

also, great to see you and hear you read! hope you're well and not germy!

Wow, I miss a few days and all h breaks loose. This Moss person...holy a hole. Now I have much reading to do. Don't let such inhuman things get to you. You have plenty of people supporting you.

thanks, diane!

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