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July 07, 2008

Still Waiting

Unity sounds refreshing in a political culture battered and wearied by vicious partisanship. But bipartisanship means that sometimes the other side -- those people you've come to regard as the devil incarnate over the past 30 years -- will get what they want and you won't. Anyone who assumes that self-interest is what really motivates political groups isn't going to expect them to be moved by high-flown appeals to conscience and guilt; there will be wheeling, there will be dealing, and there will be half-measures. If he is elected, and if Obama asks his most idealistic champions to countenance some sacrifices, they will hardly be able to say that they weren't warned. Their disillusionment is most likely to come soon. Whether in the long run we'll regard him as a president who got things done or one who sold out will take a lot longer to decide.

That's all well and good--yes, yes, Obama's our whore--but to get people to the table so that they can compromise, you have to bid them come to the table.

Where's my invite?


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He's not inviting us lefties. He's courting the far right, and it's ugly. I'm totally flummoxed. As someone who voted for Obama in the primary, I would very much like to see him mend fences and make serious overtures to the Hillary supporters.

Obama seems to think that all Democrats are with him now, and he needs to woo the bible belt to secure his success. It's a very, very bad strategy. I'd say he's losing previous supporters as quickly as he's alienating his potential friends from the Hillary camp.

Why do the Democrats always move right like this for the general election. It cost Gore, then Kerry the elections, and it could do the same to Obama. If he keeps ignoring Hillary's supporters, taking his base for granted, and pandering to the gun and bible crowd, I won't bother to vote in the general election.

flummoxed is right. i'm still back at WTF?

Also, Claire, we may not be getting our invite because of the misogyny that helped him win this primary. Perhaps he's calculated that extending an invitation to women would only smear with the taint of feminism.

i don't believe that it's calculated. he didn't so much win the nomination as ALMOST LOSE the nomination, and his campaign managers can't have forgotten that so quickly.

but maybe you're right. maybe they ARE that dumb and are ignoring the fact that mckinney is both a woman and an african american, and wouldn't pain clinton's supporters either politically or on the identity tip.

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