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August 24, 2008

Oh Hell No

It's sad when Giuliani is the one to hit the nail on the head:

"Senator Obama has made a choice more out of weakness than strength," Giuliani said today on ABC's "This Week."

Could Obama have shat on me any more thoroughly than this? Biden for fuck's sake? All my talk about supporting a third candidate has been just talk until now. But I'm going to be taking it seriously from now on.


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I know! Seriously tedious, right? What didn't he just pick his own sock?

ha! i can see the conversation now:

BIDEN: senator, i've always admired your cleanliness and articulosity.

OBRAMA LINCOLNA: joey, you're handsome. and white. and white haired. and penised. and in with that pesky israel lobby. that's enough for me.

BIDEN: kiss me you fool.

OBRAMA: love me like it's the last time, you hunky, hunky cryptorepub!

BIDEN (panting): but what will the PUMAs say?

OBRAMA: silly goose! as if i care what women think!

(fall to snorfling and less cute eroticisms.)

wow, i think i just wrote my first slash.

Why am I turned on right now?

dude, you scare me.

but to answer your question: maybe it's because you have a thing for tall, skinny guys.

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