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September 04, 2008

*Triumphant Screech!*

I have finished Draft Two of da nobble!


I did it by employing a little trick. I was in phase two of three phases of Draft Two. Phase one was a major revision of a problematic area of the book and fixing the outward ripples of this revision. Phase two was then going back and writing in all the peripheral material I had always wanted to include but didn't in the first draft (which was about creating a coherent novel, without necessarily the richness of a complete thing.)

Phase three was going to be going back in and fixing all the fixes I had noted throughout draft two.

BUT. Draft Two has now taken a year all told (although that year was spread out over two calendar years). And the list of fixes now comprises about ten pages in Word. This is not a Phase. It is its own draft. So the list of fixes is now Draft Three, which shall commence next week.


Also, Draft Four will be me going back in and doing chiropractic work. (Structure and deep character fix.) Then there will be a spit and polish and we're done. I have until August 2009.

Deep breath.

ETA: oh, ... uh ... and actually, there's that little matter of cutting out 50 or 80 thousand words. The MS at this moment is 203,036 words. I shit you knot. I'm gonna hafta rethink the whole draft numbering system. Maybe I'm back to Phase three of Draft Two. Sigh.


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Hope you are celebrating like mad.

sort of. it's kinda hard to introduce into a conversation.
"what's going on with you?"
"oh, i finished the second draft of my novel?"
"oh, you're done?"
"but you're almost done."
"no ..."

Heh. Tell me about it. But that shouldn't stop you from your own private jamboree.

super sonic supportive screech!

tanks, patty!

Congratulations! It's a gorgeous feeling, isn't it? No matter how much rewriting and polishing work you still have left to do, the completion of every phase is cause to celebrate. I can't wait to read this thing.

yes, but it's already wearing off. all my work deadlines (this week) are keeping me from starting draft three or phase three or whatever the heck it is. so instead of doing either, i'm reading YA. yay!

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