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February 28, 2009

Favorite Book Trailers?

Yay, this is my 600th post!

Can you guys recommend good book trailers on YouTube?

And are any of you moved by book trailers to buy books when you otherwise wouldn't buy them?



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Book trailers and general reviews don't move me to buy a book that I wouldn't normally buy.

A good reading, typically at a bookstore I regularly frequent (City Lights, Modern Times, Moe's, Pegasus, etc.) or consistently good reading series (Poetry Flash, Writers With Drinks, SFSU's Poetry Center, etc.); recommendation from a trusted literary acquaintance, in person or through websites; and a "List of Recommended Reading" at the end of a book I've enjoyed are the best ways to get me to buy a book outside of my comfort zone.

Thanks, Oscar!

"I Still Have A Suitcase In Berlin" has a book trailer.


Thanks, Greg!

www.bookscreening.com is website dedicated to book trailers...

The quality of the trailers is mixed, but they tend to feature good ones. I also find that the non-fiction trailers are more consistently well done than the other genres.

Thanks, Julia! a good resource!

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