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September 08, 2009

Can't Afford To Wait For The Public Option

I took part in this Moveon.org action about a week ago, in which they had folks take pictures of themselves with these signs saying who in their lives "can't afford to wait" for the public option. Then they made a video of it. If you watch all the way through, near the end you can see the truly unflattering picture of me I took. I'm bummed because I went with the unflattering picture because it was the only one out of about 25 I took that included the whole sign I wrote. Then they went and cut off the bottom of my sign anyway. But I guess it made its point.

Please call Congress today. Really, none of us can afford to wait.


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OMG you sent them the picture where you were pretending to be an axe-murderer lol??? You're enviably good looking but, I'm guessing, judging from the evidence of THAT picture, not that photogenic! You'd better come to England and fake lesbian wedding me instead of Tempest - I think the NHS can afford one of you but probably not both.

yes, not that photogenic. sad, really. my modeling career, out the window.

okay, let's get married.

You and me both - my modelling career was out of the window around 150lbs ago.

Say when.

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