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January 03, 2010

Reading Update

I started Sherri Smith's Flygirl in 2009 and finished it in 2010, so I put it in 2009. It was the first book I read on MY NEW KINDLESQEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Love my new Kindle.

And I just finished Cinda Chima's Warrior Heir, which sounds like, and is, a basic YA with white people discovering they are the last of the magical whatevers and decrying their fate, etc. But it's really well done. I picked it up in Michigan when I was sick and needed something lightweight to read, but ended up reading the Tamora Pierces instead, because the kids I was going to give them to didn't show up for Christmas. It's complicated.

Loved Flygirl, which was a fictionalized account of the real WASP, a women's air force that was created during WWII to do testing and ferrying stateside so that the male pilots could all go fight overseas. The fictional protagonist is an African American, but can pass for white and decides to do so so that she can join the (oh irony!) WASP. Really well written with lots of nuance and complexity.

But I was disappointed that the novel ended where it did: with the war ending. It meant that the story ended before any hard decisions needed to be made, and before any of the serious repercussions could set in. The protagonist has fallen in love with a white man, who has invited her to join him in California, but she hasn't responded yet. Will she tell him? Will she ignore him? Will she continue lying to him? The protag is also in the middle of a big fight with her darker skinned best friend. How will she make it up? We also have no idea what she'll do now: will she finally go get that pilot's license and run her daddy's crop duster? Will she go to Chicago and become a pilot? What? And how hard is it for her now that the war is over and the need for her is gone? Felt cheated of all of these answers.


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congrats on the Kindle! I'm keeping my eye on that thing--soooo tempted. :)

Thanks, Christine! So far, no down sides. I also just emailed a word document to my Kindle and am about to sit down and do slush duty ... ON MY KINDLE!

Oh, one downside: emails to your Kindle cost 15 cents each.

I just like saying "Kindle."

Books read so far this year: Cranford, The Art of War, What Ho! Jeeves - all downloaded free on my ipod touch. I looooove my ipod touch!!!! Keep your kindle, my ipod lets me read books but also plays music, connects me to facebook AND thrashes me at chess (turns out I don't know how to play chess - don't the queens move like the horsey ones as well as the castles and the bishops??) Squee! We are living in science fiction!

kindles are WAAAAAYYY bigger than iPod touches, for my aging eyes.

also: yes we are.

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