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August 21, 2010

Reading Update: YA Trash

We break from our regularly scheduled nonfiction to bring you

Whip It by Shauna Cross

Which I read because I just couldn't bring myself to see the movie. I hate Ellen Page, ever since she made that horrible crypto-pro-life hipster jizz-bag Juno. A grown-ass woman who looks like a child is not my idea of a hipster queen. Argh.

And the book was YA genre trash that I tore through in two hours (seriously, three paragraph chapters are the rule here) but it was fun. The best part about it is the roller derby, and I really wish she had spent more time explaining and describing it. I was never interested in roller derby before (because of its extreme hipster cred) but now it sounds fun and interesting.

The rest is just typical YA crap: misfit teen with Parents Who Don't Understand Her. She finds something she loves and eventually Has A Showdown With Her Mom. Mom gets over it and turns up to cheer her on. Yay. The end. Whatever.


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You really should take the time to watch the movie it actually amazing! It describes roller derby amazingly and really gets you in to the spirt. The movie actually inspired me to join a roller derby team in San Diego and I love it.

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